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UNIDO/Startup Grand Challenge Egypt - Catalyst Fund Venture Building Session - Fundraising

Nov 23 10:00 AM - Nov 23 12:00 PM

Catalyst Fund provides a one-hour virtual expert session on diverse topics like fundraising, growth, or marketing strategy to challenge contestants pre-COP27. The session(s) are virtual with several qualified applicants on one topic they would value brainstorming with an experienced startup venture builder. Discussions will include: how to decide how much to raise and when, when it makes sense to grow across markets, or how to build a strong distribution strategy.

Previous Events


Workshop 1: Innovation for Climate Action

Sep 7 03:00 PM - Sep 7 04:30 PM
St. Regis Almasa Convention Center New Administrative Capital

The International Cooperation Forum (Egypt – ICF) taking place from the 7th to the 9th of September is gathering global policy makers, ministers, development partners, private sector, civil society, and academics in Cairo, Egypt, ahead of the COP27, to discuss a wide range of priority subjects. The 1st Workshop of the Forum, titled “Innovation for Climate Action” aims to highlight the importance of innovation and technology in decreasing the costs of climate action, while also emphasizing the potential role of entrepreneurs in introducing new innovative technologies and bringing ideas into practice. With the ClimaTech Run highlighting the role tech-entrepreneurs and digital artists play in combating climate change, this workshop works in agreement as it will bring together national and international leaders from various sectors to share innovative technology solutions, promoting the development of more affordable technologies for climate action. The workshop will take place on the 7th of September, at 3PM (Cairo Time)


Leading Climate Action through Innovative ICT Solutions – Insights from UNIDO-supported start-ups

Sep 8 11:00 AM - Sep 8 12:00 PM

Through one of its tracks, the ClimaTech Run will focus on supporting promising ICT start-ups that share the same goal: climate action through innovative ICT solutions. UNIDO will organize a webinar to highlight diverse climate-focused ICT startups from UNIDO’s GCIP, PFAN and Fintech for Climate Resilience Alumni that have undergone similar support schemes. Start-up representatives will share their journey and learnings while describing how they benefited from dedicated acceleration programs. This will help to showcase best-case examples and create interest for further applications for the ClimaTech Run. It will also provide the opportunity to share UNIDO’s latest work on complementing the climate innovation landscape.


Webinar Series: Towards COP27 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship as catalysts for climate action

Sep 8 04:00 PM - Sep 8 05:30 PM

This session will introduce participants to the concept of cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems, the role youth play in their development, and why youth are crucial in supporting the success of enterprises. Speakers will discuss why and how innovative cleantech entrepreneurship plays a key role in effectively addressing common drivers of environmental degradation including climate change while also creating green jobs. Being the engines for growth and innovation, entrepreneurial teams such as start-ups and SMEs can lead this transition by developing cutting-edge technologies, products and services.


Growing African Tech Ventures – From Start Up to Scale Up

Sep 21 04:30 PM - Sep 21 05:45 PM

The webinar will take the form of 20-30min PPT presentation outlining the Bank’s proposed approach to nurturing tech-enabled Start-Ups into global companies followed by 30-40min interactive session.


Women's Reproductive Health and Climate Change (by UNFPA)

Sep 21 11:00 AM - Sep 21 11:45 AM

This webinar will provide the participants with ways in which youth can engage in addressing climate change and its effects on reproductive health. This includes addressing climate change’s impact on family planning and maternal-health, along with gender-based violence against women, as well as child marriage.

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